What would Bill France have done at Indy?

"My general feeling is what Bill France Jr of NASCAR would have done in the same situation. He has been in this type of crisis three or four times in the past when drivers have been injured when tires blew. He has always had a back-up plan. The race has always gone ahead with a full field. If Bill France was here today the 14 drivers who parked their cars would be history.

"This could kill Formula 1 in America. It has been on the ropes for a long time. It has a credibility problem. This was stupid, really stupid. There is no excuse for not having a Plan B, for not putting on a show and running the race. It is arrogance and stupidity that has caused this. It shows no respect for the people watching in the grandstands and on TV. It is slap in the face for the US public." Mike Mulhern, Winston Salem Journal

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