2006 Champ Car schedule

It does not appear that the rumored Champ Car race in Buenos Aires will materialize anytime soon as the race is being held hostage by one political party against another. There is a chance things might change after September but rather than fly the series down to Buenos Aires, perhaps South Africa will get a race first. It's a bit longer flight, but not by much. It appears the city of Cape Town is keen on the idea but Bernie Ecclestone is trying to get them to do a F1 race instead at some astronomical price. Champ Car president Dick Eidswick says the 2006 Champ Car schedule will probably have 16 races and be released by the end of the summer, after marketing and advertising budgets are locked down by most major corporations for next year……hence we expect a lot of unsponsored cars again next year due to the late schedule release. Hopefully they will at least announce how many races will be on network TV in the USA and what countries will get an international feed well before then so at least teams have something to sell to sponsors.

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