Ilmor to become sole supplier of IRL engines

UPDATE Rumor has it that when Honda and Toyota follow Chevy and quit the IRL, Ilmor will be the sole supplier of IRL engines much the same as Cosworth is the sole supplier of Champ Car engines. Roger Penske will have saved the day for Tony George. 06/02/05 Mercedes-Ilmor Ltd is to be rebranded and in future the Mercedes-Benz F1 engines will be built by Mercedes-Benz High Performance Engines Ltd. The change has come about following the splitting up of the old Ilmor company with the sale of the Special Project Group of Mercedes-Ilmor and Ilmor Inc to the other shareholders: Penske Racing, Mario Illien and Elizabeth Morgan, the widow of founder Paul Morgan. At the end of September Mercedes Ilmor will become a 100% subsidiary of DaimlerChrysler and it will then change its name. The Special Projects Group and Ilmor Inc focus on engine programs for Indy Racing League and NASCAR.

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