NASCAR to force Toyota to stay in IRL

UPDATE A reader adds, Dear, I don't know what's going on with NASCAR trying to strong-arm Toyota into staying in the IRL, but I did have a higher-up at TRD tell me recently that "the only reason we're doing trucks (Craftsman Series) and sports cars (Grand-Am) is to get into Cup." I know this isn't news to anyone, but it's pretty much from the horses mouth. Name Withheld by Request 05/26/05 NASCAR has listened to the concerns and delayed Toyota's advances from the truck series to Cup. NASCAR also has pressured Toyota to remain in IRL rather than moving lock, stock car and barrel to NASCAR but for different reasons — it would deplete the strength of the IRL, which runs eight of its 17 races at International Speedway Corp. tracks, which the France family also controls. FoxSports [Editor's Note: If this statement is true, NASCAR has the IRL just where they want them. If NASCAR buys USAC it won't have any need for the IRL anymore, and will crush it like a bug when the time is right. NASCAR will then control the entire grassroots front-engined oval track market. The only grassroots market left after that is the junior open wheel rear-engined road racing series that feeds Champ Car, Grand-Am and ALMS.]

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