Bernie to swap F1 job

UPDATE "Effectively we need someone to take control of Formula One full time from the FIA point of view," Max Mosley said. "It's just taking so much of my time that I can't afford to go on like this really. I want to spend more time with matters in Brussels, with road cars, and instead I am fighting fires in Formula One. It's really done to try and unload the burden. The thought did occur to me that if Bernie could be persuaded to get out of the commercial side, why shouldn't he deal with the FIA side, deal with the teams and banks and so on. He knows the business better than anyone." Max Mosley 05/19/05 F1 'supremo' Bernie Ecclestone is considering an offer to quit as commercial rights holder and accept a job at the FIA. Max Mosley has asked the 74-year-old to take over his role dealing with the 'problems' within Formula One.

''He hasn't said yes and he hasn't said no,'' the FIA president revealed at a Monaco lunch.

Ecclestone confirmed that accepting the job would involve 'removing myself' from dealing with the commercial side of grands prix. But he said: ''I am seriously considering the proposition.''

It is expected that Ecclestone's appointment in the F1-specific job might mollify the dreadful relations between the teams and Mosley. And there might be another power play at work, too.

With the uninterested banks left to do Bernie's job, they might simply decide to sell their 75 per cent stake to the group of unhappy F1 carmakers, or back to Ecclestone.

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