McGehee is unlikely to race at Indy

Indianapolis is again on Robby McGehee's itinerary this month, first for a fund-raiser and later a fashion show in conjunction with the Indianapolis 500. As for the race, the St. Louis native who has made five Indy starts is not likely to be in the mix. McGehee has not raced competitively since finishing 22nd at the Brickyard in 2004, and he doesn't have anything in the works to make a run when qualifying begins May 14. "I've put myself in the position of being semi-retired," he said. "The last couple of years just driving in the Indy 500 hasn't been what I'd consider a smart thing in terms of longevity of my life. Driving once a year is like asking a major league pitcher not to do it all year and then show up at the World Series." STLToday

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