Sauber engine decision in June

UPDATE #3 BMW expect to finalize by the end of June a deal to supply Sauber with Formula One engines next year, BMW motorsport director Mario Theissen said on Saturday. Talks between the German carmaker, who currently work solely with British-based Williams, and the Swiss team started earlier this year and Theissen said they were constructive and well advanced.

"It's not just about money, it's much more about how to co-operate and how to make it work," Theissen told reporters at the Spanish Grand Prix. It's not that easy. Some problems have to be solved to make our engine work in their car next year and that's why its not completed yet. We are making progress, I don't see us under time pressure and I expect an agreement before the end of June probably," added Theissen. I think there is quite a high probability that we end up with a deal." Reuters

04/04/05 (GMMf1NET) As reported earlier, the probability that BMW will supply a second F1 team in 2006 is more than '50 per cent.' Dr. Mario Theissen agreed that Sauber is top of the pile, but also – in an interview with 'Speed TV' – admitted contact with Red Bull. ''The decision should be made by the end of June,'' said the Munich carmaker's racing director. Germany's Theissen ruled out a free supply, but also said BMW probably would not make money through a customer deal, rumored to cost around 10m euro. And, if signed, Sauber or Red Bull would enjoy the same-spec V8 as works team Williams, Dr. Mario suggested. 04/03/05 BMW motorsport boss Mario Theissen says that Sauber and Red Bull are in play for BMW engine supply in 2006. “One of the teams we are talking to is Sauber," said Theissen. “And today I would say the probability of supplying a second team next year is higher than 50 percent. No decision has been made so far. The decision should be made by the end of June. Basically in the course of the year we are asked by everybody, and we’ve certainly spoken to Red Bull as well.

“It won’t be money, probably. If you take this seriously you won’t earn money by supplying a second team. It is at least as costly as you are paid for it if you take it. It is about how the operations will fit each other, how the way of thinking of operating the team and running the engine fits. And if you are confident to have the right partner.

“An F1 engine is a very complex thing. You can easily make it blow up with wrong boundary conditions. It’s not just about the stability of the engine itself, but very much about the integration into the car and the operation during the weekend, so you really have to be confident to have a partner who can do the job. I would favor to do the same spec. I wouldn’t favor doing two different engine programs at the same time. Basically all I can say is that we wouldn’t do two different engines."

03/23/05 The Red Bull Company's F1 advisor to Red Bull Racing Helmut Marko has said that finding an engine supplier for 2006 and beyond is a key priority for the team. Speaking on Austrian TV's "Sport on Sunday" programme following the Malaysian Grand Prix, former F1 driver and F1 advisor to Red Bull, Helmut Marko, said that finding an engine partner to power the team in 2006 and beyond was a key priority. A decision is expected by the end of April so that the new engine can be an integral part of the design on the 2006 RB2 race car.

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