Why the delay in Long Beach?

A reader asks, Dear Autoracing1, I’m starting to get the vibe that Dover Motorsports is delaying the Long Beach announcement so they can do it at Indianapolis. If they have already sold out to the IRL, making the announcement during the month of May would maximize the negative impact to Champ Car and probably start a whole new round of “Champ Car is dead" articles. It makes no sense to wait this long. The fans, the business owners and the City of Long Beach have all spoken, and they all want Champ Car. Why else would there be any delay? Renewing with Champ Car is a no-brainer. Mike Bara, Long Beach Dear Mike, We are told the process will take quite a long time. Both sides have made their initial presentations to Dover. Jim Michaelian said it would take 5 to 6 weeks. This of course puts it right smack in the middle of the month of May at Indy as you point out. Mark C.

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