IRL and NASCAR used Champ Car drivers

A reader writes, Dear, If the rumors of Patrick Carpentier already being tired of the IRL and Cheever Racing are true, it speaks volumes of just how that company is run. My guess is that he has seen and heard firsthand how business is done in snake land and doesn't like it one bit. I never was sure what the heck he was thinking switching series, but what do I know. I understand he wanted a shot at Indy, but why with Cheever, who everyone knows has a very strong distaste for Champ Car (CC). With Cheever being a CC hater and always being a back marker in the IRL, this relationship had doom written all over it right from the beginning. Perhaps this could lead to Carpentier's return to CC, before it is too late and his career is lost forever. Canada's Eric Jensen is still looking for a driver, with rumors of a Christian Fittipaldi return for one or more races. Maybe PKV would run a third car for Carpentier to get him back, (although that is not Jim McGee's wish).

The bottom line is Patrick Carpentier needs to be back in CC, not for the series, but for himself. If he does not get back ASAP, he will soon be forgotten, thanks to a young man by the name of Andrew Ranger. By the way, Michel Jourdain Jr., I hope you realize this too. You have become almost invisible in record time. Ditto for Christian Fittipaldi. He's become a nobody. The three of you have been used by the IRL and NASCAR for nothing more than publicity as they try to push in on Champ Car's ground. Deke McTeer, Twin Lake, MI

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