Did NASCAR get Liberatore fired?

A shake-up at the top of Fox's Speed Channel is the latest TV shock for NASCAR, and Fox's decision to let Jim Liberatore go as head of the cable channel leaves considerable uncertainty about just what's going on. Liberatore has been running Speed Channel, based in Charlotte, since Fox bought it four years ago. He cites "a difference in philosophies" for his departure. According to one source, Liberatore wanted to diversify Speed Channel again, to include a good mix of all racing. It has become predominantly NASCAR-oriented. There are also reports that the Speed Channel 's NASCAR Nation show will soon be dramatically revamped, in light of generally poor ratings. The show is likely to be cut from an hour to 30 minutes, and its focus is to change from hard racing reports to more soft entertainment features. Winston Salem Journal [Editor's Note: This is further evidence that the NASCAR monopoly needs to be broken up with an antitrust lawsuit. If Liberatore was fired because he wanted SPEED Channel to show a wide range of motorsports, yet the top brass wanted more NASCAR, then it is clear NASCAR is wielding far too much influence in the marketplace and at some point we would not be surprised to see the other racing sanctioning bodies ban together and file an antitrust lawsuit against NASCAR. There is mounting evidence that NASCAR is maneuvering to be the only game in town.]

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