Canadian GP ’scandal’

UPDATE Further research reveals that this has nothing to do with the Canadian Grand Prix. Actually, all those clowns are in court as we speak, its the Gomery commission, live on TV in Québec. The short story is the Liberal government gave a lot of money to some publicity firms for Canadian exposure at the F1 Grand Prix and a lot of other events. These firms would buy a lot of tickets, charge a big markup and the money didn't end up where it was supposed to. Its a scandal there and they are actually bored of hearing about it. It's everywhere in the news and been so for months. The big story is that these firms charged way too much for way to little. The Liberal government is also in big trouble and federal elections are set for June after just one year in power since the latest elections. 04/19/05 Canadian grand prix 'scandal.' That's how one Montreal newspaper described 'falsification of paperwork' ahead of the 1998 F1 race there. 'Canadian Press' said two GP vice presidents 'conspired' with 'Groupaction' to 'shower (F1) tickets' on the advertising firm. They reportedly admitted to a federal inquiry that 'Groupaction used (a $200,000) boost in funding to buy the tickets.'

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