Jordan to start MotoGP team?

Far-fetched or not, here's the rumor. Eddie Jordan, too young to retire but having sold his Silverstone-based F1 squad to Alex Shnaider, may set up a MotoGP team. So said F1 Racing magazine, although a more plausible job is driver or sports management. How about a hand-in-hand role with 'supremo' Bernie Ecclestone? In the British magazine, EJ denied that he and the grey-haired impresario had discussed 'anything in detail.'

''But we agree that Formula One could do with a bit more pizzazz, a bit more rock'n'roll.'' So, what's the likelihood that Eddie Jordan will pull on a white shirt and black pants? EJ said it all depends on 2005. ''If it's entertaining,'' he speculated, ''nobody will worry about (it). If not, then maybe I'll get involved.''

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