The IRL and Toyota

There has been much speculation as to Toyota's future with the IRL after 2006. We spoke to Toyota's Jim Aust and Les Unger today in Long Beach after the Champ Car race and they did not give us an indication that they were going to leave. "We extended through 2006 last year," said Unger. Aust added, "The IRL has been good for us, but we want to get back to the level we were at two years ago when we were winning." They would not say whether they would renew or not past 2006. Whether this is just the party line or not, we don't know as the rumors are rampant that they are getting out. However, we'll believe it when we see it. If the rumors can be believed, that may hinge on whether the IRL is successful in its bid for the Long Beach race. Mark C.

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