The future of Toyota Atlantic

UPDATE #2 This rumor is 'false.' We spoke to Les Unger after the race and he confirmed that Toyota will no longer sponsor the Atlantic series after this year. They would sell engine kits like they do now if Champ Car still wants them, but that would be the extent of their involvement. 04/10/05 We are bumping this rumor up to 'strong' today with more word that Toyota may stay with Champ Car's Atlantic series and the next generation engine will be bumped up in power to 350 to 400 HP. We also hear another manufacturer is ready to step in and fill the gap just below Toyota Atlantic. Mark C. 04/06/05 We are hearing that Toyota may want to continue with the Toyota Atlantic series after their contract expires in 2005. Whether they remain as the primary series sponsor, however, is not known as apparently Champ Car may have some other plans. Champ Car will soon announce a new car for the series and possibly a new engine. It has been suggested that Cosworth might make a new more powerful engine for the series and have a manufacturer, perhaps Toyota, perhaps another manufacturer, badge it.

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