Montoya to return at Imola

McLaren expect their injured driver Juan Pablo Montoya to return for the next race, the San Marino Grand Prix. The Colombian was ruled out of this weekend's Bahrain race after sustaining a hairline fracture to his shoulder. Dennis said: "Based on similar injuries of this nature we have every belief that he will be fit to drive in Imola."

Dennis added that he "did not care" if Montoya had injured himself falling off a motocross bike, as paddock rumors in Bahrain have suggested. "Juan Pablo told us it was a tennis (accident). If he hasn't told the truth, he hasn't told the truth. I don't care if he slipped in the bath and hit his head or he was jumping double-decker buses," said Dennis.

"He is free to do what he wants to do. We place no restriction on our drivers and we never have done. It's a hairline crack but the pain is not coming from that but from an inflammation where it had a bit of joint separation. It's the pain that precluded him from driving this weekend and not the hairline crack. "The crack itself is in an area of high blood circulation, which normally means the healing process is very quick."

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