Another Canadian Champ Car team announced

UPDATE #3 Perhaps we will be proven wrong, and in this case that is a good thing. "We are talking to some drivers with Formula One experience," Mandeville said in a telephone interview with the Toronto Sun. "This is no April Fool's joke. I am serious about doing this." Mandeville said he is a long way from announcing a launch date for the Champ Car part of the deal. "It definitely will not be in place by Long Beach (Champ Car's season opener April 10)," he said. "But possibly by the first Mexican race (Monterrey, May 22). He also called this "an initial step" toward the formation of a Canadian F-1 team. We have added this team to our 2005 Champ Car silly Season page. 04/01/05 Some news outlets are still running with the press release that Mandeville is going to start a Champ Car team. We hope he does, but he hasn't even contacted Champ Car and they know nothing about his planned team. One would think that if you were going to start a team you would at least contact the sanctioning body. We're still labeling this as a hoax until proven otherwise. 03/31/05 We are downgrading this rumor to 'false.' It is a hoax as we said when we originally posted it. The Domain is registered to a Wild Orchid Films, Sassy Beaver, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, and the telephone no. 310-299-6011 has been disconnected. This is so fake! 03/31/05 Is this an April Fool's joke? This came out of nowhere and some of the grammar is not correct. Mandeville Motorsports Marketing is launching a Canadian based Champ Car team. The team will be located in Ontario. Mr. Mandeville is currently talking with drivers from Formula One.

This strategy comes as part of an Automotive based manufacturing venture that is very exciting for Canada. Strategic partners have been put in place. This venture comes as part of Mr. Mandevilles racing venture. Champ Car is a great series that is on solid footing. Mr. Mandeville is in contact with companies that have Global concerns and have shown serious interest in Champ Car. Mr. Mandeville is a strong supporter of Champ Car.

Mr. Mandeville is also very keen on developing the first truly based North American Formula One team. With it's manufacturing facilities within North America.

Several of the key components and strategic alliances are already in place to make this happen. Several top F1 engineers are on board and ready to make this happen. The next key component is to get the loyalty of US and Canadian corporations to make this happen for the long term. Several US and Canadian Drivers would be considered. The key to a North American team would be to have a North American driver and North American based manufacturing facilities. Many USA based corporations have shown serious intent. Press Release

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