Red Bull would loan driver

Red Bull Racing owner Dietrich Mateschitz has suggested that he would loan out one of his team's drivers to Sauber this season, if they decide to terminate Jacques Villeneuve.

In an interview with Swiss motorsport publication Motorsport Aktuell, Mateschitz confirmed that there was a chance for a deal with Sauber to come off.

"We have quite a density of talent available," said Mateschitz about Red Bull's current driver line-up. "Now it is up to us to hone that talent or to lend it to other teams. And this we will do.

"We never see it in a fashion if the one is driving now and the other is not. We want to give both of them enough experience that they are fully serviceable drivers next year, knowing every race track so far unknown to them.

"Then again, I do not wish to start ideas which might prove irrelevant. It could well be that suddenly Villeneuve finds back to his old form. And for sure it is not easy to knock on the door of another team and to ask for a drive. We wait and see. But the possibility exists. I would definitely consider it.

"We have told Klien that he will race for the first three events, so it is only fair to give Liuzzi the same chance," explained Mateschitz. "But we have not decided yet when this will start. It could be Imola."

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