RuSPORT spy photos

While all the Champ Car teams were testing in Sebring with many media gathered this week, the RuSPORT team was testing by themselves in secrecy at Fontana. Of course that could not deter us so we positioned a photographer on one of the mountains overlooking the speedway and with a very long lens were able to snap off these photos. Note that one of the cars is now red and white indicating a possible new sponsor.

The RuSPORT team have even gone as far as to fence off their test area at some of the test sessions so they are taking this season very seriously by developing some secret stuff in the hopes of wrestling the Vanderbilt Cup from Sebastien Bourdais and the Newman/Haas team. There are at least 5 teams that have a legitimate shot at the crown. It will be an interesting season. Mark C.

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