IPS to Montreal

UPDATE What’s with every sanctioning body and series looking for a race weekend in Montréal. Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve is a temporary track that otherwise has four bus stops for all walks of users. By contract, Grand Prix week has to be before June 24th (a national holiday in Quebec) and Champ Car should be after Labor Day, but a week difference was agreed upon. As for IPS in Montréal, it is doubtful a twelve-car grid with no Canadian driver would draw any attention. The Montréal GP weekend already has on its program F1 with the large chunk of schedule they require, the Ferrari Challenge, the Star Mazda and the local Canadian Honda series. And possibly the Vintage F1 could be back. No more room for IPS. Michel Poirier-Defoy 03/09/05 Hearing that the IRL is trying to get the IPS series to race in Montreal as a support race to the Canadian GP F1 event.

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