Gordon – Parrott fight

Some of the most heated action in the Telcel Motorola Mexico 200 took place before the race even started as Robby Gordon and Brad Parrott, the crew chief for Carl Edwards, scuffled minutes before the event on Sunday. Witnesses said that Parrott said something to Gordon before driver introductions. Gordon apparently turned away but not before Parrott supposedly gave Gordon a quick knee to the groin. Gordon responded by grabbing Parrott's neck and prepared to throw a punch before onlookers broke up the fight. "I don't know exactly what happened," Edwards said. "When I came onto the scene, Robby was roughing my crew chief up a little bit, so I just stopped Robby from doing that. I really didn't know what the situation was. That's all there was, and I was just trying to stop that from happening."

NASCAR Vice President Jim Hunter said the sanctioning body would investigate the incident. "We'll take a look at it after the race," Hunter said. "Right now, it's hearsay." Orlando Sentinel

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