Dominguez not going anywhere

UPDATE #2 [Editors Note: We are close to bumping this rumor up to 'fact' as there are simply too many reports that are saying the same thing reported last week – that Dominguez will be in Champ Car in 2005 driving for HVM.] There were reports last week that Mexico's Mario Dominguez was going to pop up testing for Jordan. These stories were initially denied by the team but then Dominguez turned up on Friday and did one single installation lap on Friday before the test was cut short because of the foggy conditions. Dominguez then flew off back to the United States. Our spies south of the border say that the Midland team had serious talks with Dominguez about a deal in 2005 but that he decided to stay in Champ Cars for the coming season because his team is dependent on the sponsorship he brings and pulling out would do the team serious damage. Dominguez may end up as a Jordan test driver on occasion in 2005 and is thought likely to be a strong challenger for a seat in 2006. 02/03/05 Mario Domínguez is not going anywhere, well that’s what he says in the column that he wrote for the Universal Online. He says that 2005 has started with new things for his career. He is glad to know that Midland-Jordan is after him, but at the same time he says that the loyalty with Hernandez Pons is more important. Also, HVM has signed the contract with its new sponsor. He says that he now has a commitment with HVM and the sponsor. "I could get into problems if I leave now," he wrote on the 29th of January. 02/02/05 Our F1 sources tell us that Mario Dominguez will be testing for Midland-Jordan next week at Silverstone; obviously to see if he can drive an F1 car and qualify for the super license. That is good news for Roberto Gonzalez as his seat in Champ Car with HVM will be more secure, but if he gets the F1 ride it will be bad news for Champ Car as another top Mexican driver leaves the series and Mexican sponsors will look to F1 and NASCAR instead of Champ Car. Mark C.

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