F1 to lose 90% of downforce in ’08

Speaking to journalists in London, FIA president Max Mosley has stated that he wants Formula 1 to be drastically different in 2008 with 90% reductions in downforce and an increase in mechanical grip. High downforce aerodynamics in modern F1 is blamed for a lack of overtaking.

“If we get to the stage of sensible racing with proper cars and it is all working, then I think the sport will revitalize itself," he said. “The racing hasn't been that brilliant. One of the things that we are looking at very carefully is having a huge reduction in downforce and a very big increase in mechanical grip. There is a lot of evidence from simulations that if we go really extreme on this, then it will improve the racing dramatically to help overtaking. It is something that really needs looking at."

Mosley believes that downforce may be cut back to as little as 10 percent of the current level, with increased mechanical grip from wider tires.

“I was completely delighted and astonished to see that with no contact from us, they (Ferrari) had come to the same view that if you want to improve overtaking then you need to do this step," added Mosley. “I think the other teams will eventually come around, the rational teams will sign up with Bernie, between four and six of them, and they will sit down and do these rules. The others will huff and puff on the outside and say that we will do this or that, and then we will be in a position that F1 is the best championship and they will calm down. It will be easier doing the nitty, gritty with quiet rational people."

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