Mo Nunn Racing to shut doors?

UPDATE #3 This SPEED TV article says, Morris Nunn has given his crew the rest of 2004 off, with pay, but the veteran car owner/engineer told them to shop around for jobs because he can't promise them anything for 2005. "I can't guarantee anything for next year and it's getting late," said Nunn, who started his own CART team in 2001 before moving full-time to the IRL last season. "I've got 21 employees and it's a difficult position to be in because it if doesn't happen I don't want them to wait too long to try and find another job. "So I'm warning them to be ready just in case because I can't guarantee anybody anything after Dec. 31." Nunn also admitted he told team members that if they got a solid job offer they should accept it. 12/20/04 Further reports say that Mo Nunn has told his employees that he will pay them through the end of the month and then he's closing his doors due to lack of money. 12/18/04 sources tell us that Mo Nunn has told people he is out of racing and will retire and play lots of golf. We don't look for this team to be back in 2005 unless Tony George or one of the engine companies make him a huge offer of money. Mark C. 12/17/04 IRL IndyCar team owner Morris Nunn doesn't have any sponsors for next season and after auditioning several women drivers for a ride in the Menards Infiniti Pro Series, his lovely wife Kathryn Nunn might not field a team in 2005. She will give her sponsorship search until the end of the month, she said Thursday. This Indy Star article talks about other IRL teams on the ropes. It should be noted that several Champ Car teams are on the ropes as well, looking for ride-buyers to fill their seats. Such is the sad state of affairs of open wheel racing in the USA caused by the split in the sport when the IRL was created. At its height in 1995 with high TV ratings, huge attendance, and more sponsor dollars in the paddock than NASCAR, as we approach the 10-year anniversary of Tony George's failed dream, the sport of IndyCar Racing is a now a mere shadow of its former self and Tony George has left himself quite a legacy.

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