Kalkhoven hosts San Jose and Long Beach

Word around Silicon Valley is that Kevin Kalkhoven recently held a big dinner party at his house. In attendance were the entire City Council from San Jose and Long Beach and actor Paul Newman was the big guest of honor. Word on the street is that the city of San Jose and Long Beach are ecstatic about their Champ Car races. We hear the City Council of Long Beach has made it clear to Dover Motorsports, the promoter of the Long Beach race, that they would not look favorably on a change from Champ Car to the IRL. Although Dover has the right to replace Champ Car with the IRL after 2005, the City Council could make life very difficult for Dover and ultimately the race would become unprofitable. We also hear that the City Council won't renew the contract with Dover when it expires if they drop Champ Car. With no long-term future in Long Beach if they drop Champ Car, the value of the LB event to Dover becomes essentially worthless, if, for example, they wanted to sell it.

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