Bernie to own ’Grand Prix’?

UPDATE This NY Times article talks a bit more about this topic. 12/02/04 (GMM) F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone would like an even tighter grip on Formula One and 'Grand Prix' racing. Indeed, the 74-year-old – known aptly as 'supremo' – is trying to trademark or patent the words 'Grand Prix' and 'British Grand Prix.' He's made a claim for the former throughout Europe, UK Channel 4 News reported, and for 'British Grand Prix' at the UK Patent office. In late November, Europe granted the 'Grand Prix' application. ''I didn't know,'' said Jackie Stewart, president of the Club that owns Brit GP venue Silverstone. The Scot said a 'monopoly' is never a good thing. ''It's the same as a dictatorship — eventually it ends in tears,'' he added. Presently, Ecclestone's Formula One Group owns the words Formula One, Formula 1 and F1.

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