What if IRL loses all manufacturers?

At this week's Motorsports Forum in Indianapolis Tony George said, “Production engines are something that we will look at and consider as part of the process," George said. However, he noted, the danger of building a series around production engines is what to do if the manufacturers that build those engines pack up and go home? “If all the manufacturers pull out, we need something we can go racing with," said George. Specialty racing engine builders like Cosworth and Ilmor could easily fill that gap, which is part of the appeal of purpose-built engines.

The IRL’s primary goals for the new engines are stability and cost containment, George said. Rules written with those goals in mind should make the series more attractive to manufacturers and teams alike. The IRL has had “one very productive meeting with one manufacturer" regarding participation in the series, and has another expressing interest in the series, but with whom he has not yet met, George added.

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