One tire supplier instead of V8s for F1

UPDATE This rumor is downgraded to 'false' today. Plans for a 'control tire' situation in Formula One have been shelved until at least 2006, Minardi owner Paul Stoddart revealed in London on Tuesday. The reduction in race season testing to just ten days had been earlier touted, but that would have been contingent on the controversial expulsion of either incumbent supplier Bridgestone or Michelin. ''You just can't do (fewer than a 24-day test agreement),'' said Australian entrepreneur Stoddart, ''unless you have the single tire. (It) is something we will look at again in the future.'' 09/28/04 (GMM) Formula One's proposed tire monopoly might be back on, after a Sunday meeting of the Technical Working Group in Shanghai. In July, Max Mosley's plan to send either Bridgestone or Michelin home was scrapped, particularly after the protest – and apparent rule compromise – of the two tire suppliers. But the FIA president, Mosley, also hinted at Magny-Cours that if the counter-proposals are not successful, '(then) we'll look (at a monopoly) again.' Now, with so much resistance to the proposed V8 formula – including a threat of litigation – the TWG, made up of technical directors, was asked in China which was preferable … V8s or a single tire supplier. The latter got a near unanimous vote. Sources believe calling a cease fire on the tire war would have at least three-fold benefits – most importantly, money would be saved because expensive tire testing becomes unnecessary. Moreover, the sole tire supplier would not have to design such competitive compounds, thus reducing cornering speeds, and no team – like Ferrari – could find an advantage by simply turning up at a track with a better tire.

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