Arden to start F1 team

UPDATE #2 We have it on good word that Ford has rejected Horner's bid for the Jaguar F1 team. 09/17/04 This rumor is downgraded to 'false' today. There have been rumors in recent days about Arden Motorsport taking over Jordan Grand Prix. This does not seem very likely to happen because Arden boss Christian Horner admits that he does not have the money that is needed to go to Formula 1 in 2005 and because of the rule instability at the moment is now concluding that it is best for him to stay in the junior formulae. It is understood that Horner has signed up to be one of the teams in the new GP2 series, despite the fact that he and many others think that the new series is overpriced. 08/17/04 Christan Horner is making noises about starting an F1 team and has made inquiries to the Jaguar team which is rumored to be possibly selling.

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