Glock eyes new teams

Jordan test driver Timo Glock is hoping to join one of Formula 1's new teams for testing next year. Two new teams have already come forward to declare their intentions to enter F1 in 2006 – the Russian-backed Midland F1 and a team from Dubai. Both outfits are likely to start testing at some point next year. Glock's manager, Hans-Bernd Kamps, said: “The new F1 teams of Midland and Dubai are very tempting. If Timo sticks around at Jordan he will only learn better to drive a nervous car. What is luring however is the fact that there are no test restrictions for new F1 teams. So Timo could test day and night, he could understand better how a grand prix car operates. I am sure that would serve him better. Also from the commercial point of view, new teams would offer more opportunities."

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