Rossi tipped as possible future F1 driver

UPDATE We are downgrading this rumor to 'false.' Talking to the BBC, before wrapping up the MotoGP season by winning at Valencia, Valentino Rossi said that a switch to F1 is not in the cards just yet. "I don't know about my future," he admitted. "For sure I have one more year on my contract with Yamaha, and that won't be my last in bikes. Then I will decide what to do." 10/17/04 Valentino Rossi has been tipped as a possible future talent in the Formula One by Ferrari driver Rubens Barrichello. The MotoGP champion created a stir during a secret Ferrari test earlier this year and Barrichello believes he could switch from two wheels to four. "I would have no problems – I'm a big fan," the Brazilian said on Friday. "If he can do in a car what he does on a bike it would be fantastic. He would beat all of us." The Italian press has speculated that Rossi could have a chance if champions Ferrari have to run three cars next year to make up the numbers on a depleted starting grid. Ferrari boss Jean Todt was recently quoted as saying: "If Rossi wants to race in Formula One, it is entirely up to him." And even seven-times world champion Michael Schumacher praised Rossi as a "natural" after the Italian drove the Ferrari at the team's Fiorano test track in April. Barrichello, however, did have some reservations saying: "I was there the day Valentino (tested) the car and he ran very well," he said. "Obviously, for him to race I think he will need more than just the month of December to test. He will need a lot of testing to be able to get reasonable times out of the car."

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