Force 10 next Champ Car supplier

According to this article, Perhaps the most interesting point about the launch of the Superfund SF01 car is the emergence of Force 10 Technology Ltd, a company set up in 2000 by John Travis, a former Lola and Penske IndyCar/Champ Car designer, and Paul Cherry, who used to run Tom Wieringa's Sigma Automotive CART team before it went out of business in 2002. There is speculation that Force 10 Technology is the likely supplier of a new Champ Car chassis in 2006 when the current Lola package will be replaced. Kevin Kalkhoven is rumored to be close to buying Cosworth Racing from Ford to ensure the series has engines in the future and the SF01 would be a good basis from which to design a new Champ Car. [Editor's Note: From what we know, no decision has yet been made on who will be suppliers of the next generation Champ Car. However, as we stated in this article, the Force 10 car is the perfect platform on which to base the new Champ Car. We would like to see both Lola and Force 10 build this car to very tight design specifications and price caps so Champ Car has a bit of competition on the chassis front, but no runaway cost increases. Two suppliers is plenty. As for the engine, we are sure Cosworth can rework one of their old V10's to run on ethanol and get the kind of HP and mileage the Superfund Judd engine does. The Judd is a revamped version of their V10 3.5-litre engine which was designed in 1991 but has been increased to 4-liters and produces 700 hp on ethanol. It would be nice to see competition between Cosworth and Judd in Champ Car, each badged with a different engine manufacturer, if costs can be kept in check. Or select one engine and open it up to multiple badging.]

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