Champ Car’s 2005 Schedule

UPDATE #6 This AutoWeek article claims the 2005 schedule will be announced this Friday October 29th. Original reports had it on the 28th. 10/26/04 "We got off to a slow start because of the effects of what happened after last year's bankruptcy," Kalkhoven told the Herald at Surfers Paradise at the weekend. "But since the season opener at Long Beach things have been continually developing. I can genuinely say it has turned out to be a very successful season – better than I could have hoped." Kalkhoven, who was born and raised in Adelaide, said the schedule for next year and details of a US TV network package would be announced in the next few days. "The ideal is to have 16 races, plus or minus one, which is good for the teams," he said, admitting that last year's schedule of 19 races was too hard financially on the competing teams. Australia Fairfax Digital 10/25/04 has learned that Thursday's planned 2005 schedule announcement from Indy has been postponed. No alternate date has been given. 10/23/04 A well-placed official at Champ Car has cautioned against expecting a fully-hatched 2005 schedule release next week on Oct. 28 as widely reported. The source of the delay is not clear, but with rumors of races in Buenos Aires, Argentina, San Jose, China and even Dubai — and efforts under way to renew the series’ television partnership with CBS and SPEED Channel, anything is possible. Two things are clear however. Next week will see the announcement of a Champ Car street race in San Jose, Calif. — expected to be on July 31– and the Buenos Aires city council has scheduled a final vote to approve the proposed Champ Car race there on Monday. Rumors have the Buenos Aires race kicking-off the ’05 season on March 20. SPEED TV [Editor's Note: We think you will see a surprise announcement of a Brazil race the week following Buenos Aires] 10/20/04 Here is the latest scuttlebutt on the 2005 schedule. San Jose, CA is having a press release party Tuesday night in San Jose. Brazil is looking really good, Buenos Aires, South Korea, and China the same, all are coming to the last stages of negotiations. 10/19/04 There were reports that Champ Car would announce their 2005 schedule this Thursday from Australia where the series is staging one of its biggest races of the year. However, with all the recent rumors of new venues, we wonder if it will all come together in time. Mark C. 10/16/04 This AutoWeek article talks about the 2005 Champ Car schedule but doesn't tell us anything we don't already know. was privy to a preliminary 2005 schedule but never published it because all the contracts were not yet signed. Without giving you the cities, here are the dates that were reserved, though we suspect a few might change:
March 20
April 10
May 1 (was on the schedule as Puerto Rico, but then dropped)
May 22
June 4
June 19
June 26
July 10
July 24
July 31
August 14
August 28
Sept. 4
Sept. 18
Sept. 24
Oct. 16
Oct. 23
Nov. 6
If the May 1st date is not reinstated for 2005, there exists a big gap between the April 10th race (Long Beach) and the May 22nd race. If Champ Car returns to Europe in 2006, look for the two races to be inserted in this big gap in the schedule.

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