England, France and San Marino provisional

The publishing of the 2005 Formula 1 calendar should happen after the forthcoming FIA World Council meeting next week and we hear that when the dates are finally announced there will be three races that will be listed only provisionally, depending on contracts being agreed or money being paid. We believe that the three doubtful dates will be the British, French and San Marino Grands Prix. There are believed to be 19 candidates for races next year with the current 18 events and the new race in Turkey, which will come into the calendar in August. The teams have made it clear to Bernie Ecclestone that they are not interested in doing more than 17 events (which is all they are contracted to do) but will do more if he pays more money. It is thought that Ecclestone will use the fact that the British GP is a cheap race for most teams to get them to agree to an 18th event but it is unlikely that they will go to 19 as he had been hoping. The Formula One group is, of course, keen to have as many races as possible as it earns more revenue from each new race, but very little of that money goes to the teams, which have to rely on their share of income from the TV companies. Grandprix.com

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