IndyCar; Friday afternoon update from Mid-Ohio

We are watching the rain falling at Mid-Ohio. Nothing is currently on the wet track. Only Sebastien Bourdais went back out this afternoon during the wet part of the practice session. Once the rain started to come down much harder, he returned to the pits. Will Power ended up the fastest of the second practice session.

The rain was not a welcome factor for this weekend.

I spoke with Will Power about his run and the changing weather. "We have done a million laps around this place and it never is the same. It's amazing that we keep changing the car and trying to get it worked out. I think we are in a reasonable window. The rain will effect everything obviously. It really mixes things up."

Juan Montoya talked to me about the track conditions.

"They are really good. We were pretty quick. We are not as good as the test we had here. So we made some changes to the car. I felt we are gaining on it a lot. I think the track is going to change a lot. It is a tough racetrack because as we run we rubber up the track. So the balance changes a lot. I think we need to get a lot done today because we think it is going to rain tomorrow."

I asked Montoya if he liked driving in the rain and he replied, "When the car runs good, yea. When the cars doesn't, no." Lucille Dust reporting live from Mid-Ohio

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