NASCAR Tracks Cashing In With Non-Racing Entertainment Events, Reaching Coveted Demo

Indy 500 concert on Carb Day
Indy 500 concert on Carb Day

NASCAR tracks were "built with racing in mind," but now non-racing events can "bring crowds that rival or surpass NASCAR races," according to Jeff Gluck of USA TODAY.

Concerts and other events have "sparked an industrywide trend of creative uses" for the tracks that "sit relatively dormant for much of the year."
For example, Bristol Motor Speedway in September hosts the "Battle at Bristol" football game between Tennessee and Virginia Tech, which is "expected to draw 150,000 spectators."
Dover Int'l Speedway also recently "wrapped its fifth year hosting Firefly Music Festival, which has drawn about 90,000 a day over the years." Daytona Int'l Speedway "drew about 75,000 country music fans over Memorial Day weekend for the inaugural Country 500 festival."
Indianapolis Motor Speedway last year "held a Rolling Stones concert that brought about 50,000 people."
This year, the track will "host the Red Bull Air Race, which features planes racing through an obstacle course to record the fastest times."
In June, Las Vegas Motor Speedway held its sixth annual Electric Daisy Carnival music festival. The success of that event — the "flagship of the EDC brand" — makes it the "symbol of the modern-day push for track to diversify."
Young concertgoers such as those coming to festivals "are the demographic NASCAR, with its aging audience, covets." And though it is "unlikely many will decide to become race fans based on their visit, there's a chance some might be intrigued by the facility." USA TODAY

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