Formula One sues various USA firms to protect their trademark

Formula One World Championship Limited and Formula One Licensing BV filed suit in New Jersey seeking triple damages against 13 defendants.

File Date: Thursday, September 18, 2014
Plaintiff: Formula One Licensing BV, and Formula One World Championship Limited
Plaintiff Counsel: Frederick L. Whitmer of Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP
Defendant: F1 New Jersey, LLC
MBA Group, LLC
F1 Air, LLC
F1 Air Group, LLC
F1 Air Group Two, LLC
F1 Air Logistics, LLC
Grasmere, LLC
Kart Management Group, LLP
Karting America LLC
F1 Long Island, LLC
R.J. Valentine
F1 Outdoors
F1 Hospitality
Cause: 15:1114 Trademark Infringement
Court: New Jersey District Court
Judge: Chief Judge Jerome B. Simandle, Referred To: Magistrate Judge Ann Marie Donio

The complaint: That companies Valentine is involved with, ranging from kart tracks to racetrack hospitality to air logistics, are using the F1 name and logos similar to those owned by Formula One to promote products.

According to the suit: "Defendants' unauthorized use of the Infringing F1 Marks in connection with their goods and services falsely suggests to their customers that their goods and services originate from or are otherwise sponsored, licensed or authorized by Formula One. Kart racing has become known to motorsports enthusiasts, the press, and the general public as a training ground for future F1 Championship drivers. Defendants exploit this fact by falsely suggesting that their F1 New Jersey, F1 Outdoor, F1 Boston, and F1 Long Island kart racing facilities are sanctioned by Formula One, when, in fact they are not."

The suit also insists that: "Formula One has been and, without court intervention, will continue to be irreparably harmed by Defendants' attempts to pass off their goods and services as Formula One's goods and services."

Also: "Defendants' infringing conduct is causing and is likely to cause substantial injury to the public and to Formula One. Formula One is entitled to injunctive relief, to recover its damages and Defendants' profits, together trebled, and Formula One's costs and reasonable attorneys' fees." In part from

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