A call for Hulman George family to sell Speedway and IndyCar

In this article Michael Knight calls Randy Bernard's position as CEO of IndyCar untenable and he goes on to spell out all the other ills wrong with the series. He then says the Hulman George families ownership of the Speedway and the IndyCar series as also untenable and calls for them to be sold to either International Speedway Corp., Speedway Motorsports Inc., Roger Penske (who he assumes would unload the series and sign a very long-term contract of cooperation binding the Speedway to the series), John Menard, and an investment group including Tony George. There are other possibilities: The Walt Disney Co. (ESPN), some form of state of Indiana-private sector partnership, the group that owns Formula One's commercial rights (run by Bernie Ecclestone), one of the private equity firms interested in sports/entertainment, maybe even Donald J. Trump (he can't be serious on this one).

Whether you agree or disagree with his analysis, you will find it an interesting read, and rather credible.

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