Recalled GM Vibe pedal parts have been shipped

Pontiac Vibe

Ed Note: This vehicle was a jointly produced model in partnership with Toyota, but it seems that the same supplier has been used by more than one manufacturer, which means that this problem is not necessarily unique to Toyota.

Repair parts for the sticking accelerator pedal condition in the Pontiac Vibe will begin being shipped to General Motors dealers this week (Feb. 8). Letters to Vibe customers will be mailed Feb. 16 with instructions to contact their Pontiac dealer after Feb. 22 to have a precision-cut steel reinforcement bar inserted into the accelerator pedal assembly. The installation will take about 30 minutes but customers may need to leave their vehicles with dealers for a longer period of time.

Customers will receive a second letter when a remedy is available for the recall covering floor mat interference with the accelerator pedal. For now, customers are urged to take out any removable floor mat and place it in the trunk of the Vibe and not replace it with any other mat. Customers who choose against taking out the removable floor mat are encouraged to check the operation of the accelerator, brake and, if applicable, the clutch pedals to assure the floor mat does not interfere with them

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