Ferrari driver Felipe Massa in 2008

Klien predicts Massa to win first world title

Will Felipe Massa get the better of Lewis Hamilton?

(GMM) BMW-Sauber test driver Christian Klien has backed Ferrari's Felipe Massa to win his first world championship in 2008.

The Austrian, who raced for Jaguar and Red Bull and has also been a Honda test driver, told the Credit Suisse emagazine that he thinks the current title battle has become a two-horse battle between Massa and McLaren's Lewis Hamilton.

"I think Massa will get better in the second half of the season and be very strong," said Klien, who is 25.

"There are some circuits on which the Ferrari is stronger than the McLaren. And Massa has also shown that he can perform at a consistent level this year."

Klien points out that, had Brazil's Massa not broken down within sight of the win in Hungary three weeks before his Valencia triumph, he already would possess the lead of the drivers' table.

"He is certainly a very hot candidate, and at this point I would actually tip him to win it," he said.

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