Kevin Harvick Busch Series Winner Press Conference

Talk about your move up through there and your thoughts about winning today’s race

Harvick: It’s a credit to this entire race team, Shane and all the guys do a great job. We unloaded and were off a fair amount. We just kept working on it and made huge changes and by end of practice I felt we were pretty good. About half way through the race we had, I don’t know what it was, a vibrating wheel or tire or something of that nature. We were able to get that off of there and then the car really took off. We were able to get up through traffic there and be in position there at the end to get by the 29 for the lead and the 5 (Kyle Bush) pitted and everything just started falling into place.

When you saw the No. 5 go into the pits did that make you think ok now here we go and do you think pretty much had it won had he not pitted there?

Harvick: He definitely had a good car and I hadn’t been up there to race him yet, so that was the first time that I had been able to make it up to the front. Obviously it kept us from having to race him in the end we en d up racing the 29 (Jeff Burton). Being the leader you’re in kind of a tough spot because usually everybody does everything just the opposite of what you do. So we came up through there with tires earlier in the race and made up good ground and I think everybody kind of noticed that the guys that pitted were making up a little bit of ground so it’s a catch 22 in that situation so I don’t know if we could have beat him or race with him or not (Bush). I now the 29 pulled up there and passed him earlier in the race. I don’t know what the characteristics of his car where because we did not get up there until about 20 to go or so.

Any disappointment in not getting to race with a member of your favorite rival family?

Harvick: Not really.

Your thoughts about starting so far down.

Harvick: Well, the nature of this organization is to not ever quit even if you think your bad in practice or if you think you are good in practice you go in with a mind set of put yourself in a position and doing everything you can all day to try and be in a position to win the race at the end. We get down after practice or down after a race or something like that but we usually approach it as hard as we can and try to get everything we can no matter what.

What is it about this track that suites you so well?

Harvick: I don’t know, I wish I knew so they could build some more like this. For what ever reason, when we first came the very fist year we had a great test with Todd and the 30 car. It seemed like we developed a package early and from that point on we knew what it took to go fast here and it just evolved through the years with progression of the cars and the bodies and things like that but still a lot of the same driving characteristics that keep you going throughout the day from the first year that we raced here.

At about the half way point you restarted 14th and it only took you about a dozen laps to get back to 5th. What did you guys do during that pit stop and how key was that in getting you back up among the leaders?

Harvick: We just made some air pressure adjustments to tighten the car up. My car was fairly loose all day and once we got that vibrating set of wheels off of there and we were able to make that air pressure adjustment the car really responded well to that.

You must be developing quite a comfort zone for this track.

Harvick: It’s just one of those places that fits my driving style it fits whatever I like in a car, whatever the balance number is it must just fit what we do and our engine package and everything that we do it just seems like it fits this particular race track. We always seem to be competitive here. I feel like our Cup car is very competitive for tomorrow and we’ve been successful here so we enjoy coming here for sure, so far.

You have won so many of these things, where do you keep all of your Busch Series trophies? Do you keep them at home, at the shop, do you get to keep them?

Harvick: They are all at my house in my basement in the trophy case. We’ve been fortunate, I don’t know how many races we’ve won, 28, 29, something like that, but it’s pretty amazing when you go back and look at when you started, 2000 from scratch and it’s just a huge credit to everything that RCR has put together and our Busch program has been strong from day one, once I got done wrecking everything at the beginning, from that point on it’s been very successful and my cars always run very well and it’s just a lot of fun to race. We wont ever run out of room.

Do you ever think, I know Carl’s got the commanding lead but do you ever think, “Man I could be running for another championship"?

Harvick: No, he knows who is in charge.

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