Nielsen signs first NASCAR race team

Nielsen Sports™, a unit of VNU, and Wood Brothers/JTG Racing announced today a partnership in which they will utilize Nielsen’s Sponsorship Scorecard® to track advertising signage for their race team. Wood Brothers/JTG Racing is the first NASCAR race team to use Nielsen’s Scorecard service.

As a pioneer in sponsorship measurement, Nielsen’s Sponsorship Scorecard service provides a “ratings service" to capture and report consumers’ exposure to brands advertised during each event, using an impression based metric. Sponsorship Scorecard empowers the sponsorship industry to fully actualize its potential for reaching consumers in a way that is both meaningful and unavoidable. Moreover, this highly sophisticated service provides the industry with a currency framework that enables the valuation process of sponsorships, as opposed to using a pre-determined set market value.

Beyond reporting household and demographic impressions, Scorecard also tracks number of occurrences and duration for each sponsor. All video and audio mentions are recorded and the location of each occurrence, such as the car’s front hood or pit road, is noted. Sponsorship Scorecard also distinguishes between sponsorships that appear in a stadium, arena or track and ones that are digitally inserted onto the screen.

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