Fry calls for hybrid F1 engines

Formula One should be prepared to switch some time in the future to more efficient and environmentally friendly hybrid cars, according to BAR Honda boss Nick Fry.

Fry said energy efficiency was now a more important goal in design than the push for pure power and predicted the huge investment in research made by Formula One teams would have a knock-on effect in the car industry.

"It's almost ironic," he said at the Global Motorsports Congress on Friday. "The specific area where development in Formula One will influence road cars is in efficiency and environmental issues.

"Formula One is all about efficiency, about getting the maximum from what you can do within the rules.

"Fuel consumption is very important. If you can go that one extra lap, if you can use less fuel so you have a lighter car, then you will have a significant advantage.

"By the end of the season, the difference between the top teams was 20 horse power out of more than 900. If you could go that extra lap on the equivalent fuel load or if you could start the car five or 10 kgs lighter that's a bigger advantage (than speed)," he added.

Formula One is hardly known for its green credentials. More at Reuters

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