Bridgestone Alternate Tires in use this weekend

Bridgestone delivered 744 dry-condition ("slicks") and 304 wet-condition ("rains") Potenza race tires for use this weekend. All were produced at the Bridgestone Technical Center in Akron, Ohio. Per Champ Car World Series regulations, Bridgestone brought two dry-tire specifications and a single wet-tire spec, broken down in the following manner:

Standard dry-condition tires: Each car receives seven sets of standard slicks (28 tires) for the weekend, to use in practice, qualifying and race sessions. The standard dry-condition specification contains the midrange standard road-course compound and construction that Bridgestone employs in the series. The same spec was used last month at Cleveland and is the standard spec scheduled for the 2005 season finale at Mexico City.

Alternate dry-condition tires: Each car receives two sets of alternate slicks (eight tires) to use this weekend. The alternate tires are easily identifiable by their bright red sidewalls. At least one complete set (new or used) of alternates must be used for a stint in Sunday's race, but there is no mandate to when or how long the set must be run. The construction of the alternate tire is identical to the standard slick, but the alternate tire possesses a tread compound with moderately increased grip ("softer"). While the alternate tire contains additional speed potential, it trades away some of the long-lasting durability of the standard dry-condition tires.

Wet-condition tires ("rains"): Each car receives up to four new sets of grooved-tread Potenza rain tires per weekend on road and street courses, as needed. In addition, each car may use two sets of same-spec rain tires issued at a previous event. Bridgestone has two rain-tire specifications, a more durable spec for the faster road circuits and a "softer" spec for slower circuits. The more durable rain tire is available this weekend.

Quote from Al Speyer, Executive Director, Bridgestone Motorsport: "Like everyone else in the Champ Car community, we're looking forward to the series' debut in Edmonton this weekend. From the reports we're hearing, Edmonton area fans are embracing the race with the same enthusiasm as fans at the other Canadian venues. Bridgestone hopes to add another element of excitement to the weekend by utilizing the alternate tire concept. We've brought the same standard and alternate Potenza tire specifications that helped produce such an exciting race three weeks ago in Cleveland. With this event also taking place on the runways and tarmacs of an airport, we're expecting nothing less than another weekend of wide-open, non-stop, full-throttle action."

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