NASCAR and ISC hit with yet another antitrust lawsuit

UPDATE This could turn into a real slugfest. Stan Chesley, the lawyer for Kentucky Speedway is no slouch. He is a nationally known (and locally revered or reviled depending on which side you are on) for his “David vs. Goliath" class action suits in the past. 07/13/05 Kentucky Speedway’s owners, frustrated with their inability to attract a Nextel Cup Series race, sued NASCAR and International Speedway Corporation in federal court here today. Cincinnati lawyer Stanley Chesley, representing Kentucky Speedway LLC, said NASCAR and ISC violated federal antitrust laws by illegally restricting the award of NASCAR Nextel Cup races. The suit also alleges antitrust violations involving Busch and Craftsman Truck series races

“In my opinion, the facts clearly support a conclusion that NASCAR and ISC have colluded to exclude competition in order to financially benefit themselves," Chesley said in a news release. “By doing so, they have harmed not only Kentucky Speedway but also all stock car racing fans nationwide. NASCAR and ISC’s activities have harmed race fans in Ohio and Kentucky," said Houston-based attorney Steve Susman, also representing the speedway in the written announcement. “NASCAR’s treatment of Kentucky Speedway makes the most egregious tactics of drivers fighting for position on the track look like a Sunday afternoon drive in the country."

NASCAR officials were not immediately available to comment.

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