Sperafico still in HVM seat, looks forward to Edmonton

“The Canadian races are some of the best on the schedule, they always have a great atmosphere and lot of support from the fans. I am sure Edmonton will be just as exciting. It is a new track so I expect to have a little more work to do on Friday. I think we can start with a good car and my engineer will fine-tune it through the weekend. This time will be a little better for me because now I have a race under my belt with the team and now the car is prepared specifically for me. I joined the team at the last minute before Toronto, and everyone did a great job, but this weekend will be great because now I can get straight to work on race preparation, and also I know everyone a little better now so I am really looking forward to it. I expect to do well and improve my performance and I know I will have a great racecar for the race on Sunday, so as a driver, that gives me a lot of confidence." Alex Sperafico

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