Wilson says Champ Car on right track

Yorkshireman Justin Wilson is happy to turn his back on Formula One and concentrate on making his name in the United States. Wilson, from Sheffield, won his first Champ Car race after 18 months of trying last weekend in Toronto to finally announce his arrival as a serious contender in the US. The 25-year-old switched to Champ Cars after his stint in Formula One with Minardi and Jaguar ended in 2003 but he has no regrets at abandoning his grand prix dream. Wilson has set his sights on following in the footsteps of drivers such as Nigel Mansell, Juan Pablo Montoya and Jacques Villeneuve by winning the Champ Car series.

The RuSPORT driver told the Press Association: "I am pretty happy over here. I enjoyed my time in Formula One but that has passed and I see myself racing here for the next few years. I really think this championship is going in the right direction. I decided when the Formula One door was closed to me that this was where I wanted to be. The guys who own the series are trying to make this work and we all feel, all the drivers, that this has the potential to get back to where it was." Sporting Life

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