Bourdais slams Tracy

Sebastien Bourdais comes off as rather shy, soft-spoken and polite. Mention Canadian Paul Tracy's name, however, and the bitterness spouts forth. "Stupid" and "crazy" were two of the words he threw in Tracy's direction yesterday when he arrived in town for this weekend's inaugural Grand Prix of Edmonton.

"We're fighting for the same piece of track, but I'm not the one who has taken his own teammate out. I'm not the one with a history of crazy actions," said Bourdais of Tracy's record in Champ Car.

As the defending Champ Car points champion and the leader in this year's standings, Bourdais certainly has a competitive fire within. The blaze burned hot when the collision he had with Tracy at the end of pit row at the Toronto Molson Indy was mentioned. "If anything I should be the one (who) is really pissed about it," he said. "I was disappointed the way his engineer (Eric Zeto) treated it. He said it was bone-headed on my side. But when my right rear tire is punctured by his front wing there's not a lot I can do about that. I stayed within the yellow line in the pit. "There was plenty of room for two of us and we made contact again. And then he goes and runs out of fuel. That's a really stupid move – you're just throwing points away."

The latest installment of their rivalry seems to have sparked ill-will. "There have been a bit too many incidents between the two of us, but that's racing and I want to move on," said Bourdais, who drives for the powerhouse Newman/Haas team. More at Edmonton Sun

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