Atlantic series has new title sponsor

UPDATE #2 We already had this rumor as 'fact' way back in July. Now in November finally reports the same info. “We have a title sponsor in place for the 2006 Atlantic season, but we won’t release it until early next year. I have a theory about always keeping the news flowing…" said Kevin Kalkhoven. 07/31/05 This rumor is upgraded to 'fact' today. Kevin Kalkhoven told that they have a title sponsor already, but they prefer to hold off and make that announcement later on. Mark C. 07/31/05 Based on comments made Saturday by Kevin Kalkhoven, the new Champ Car Atlantic Series will likely soon be renamed with a new title sponsor. “We’ve got series sponsors signed already," he said, “and announcements will be made regarding those sponsors in the future. But for now we wanted to focus on the developments with Swift and Cosworth."

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