TV News: Weekend USA TV Ratings

Rating Analysis

NASCAR: The NASCAR Martinsville Cup race Sunday won by Christopher Bell on NBC drew a TV rating of 1.52 with 2.541 million viewers tuned in, down 3.27% from last year’s race also on NBC that drew 2.627 million viewers.

Saturday’s NASCAR Xfinity race from Martinsville on NBC saw a big jump of 90.2% over 2021, which was broadcast on the now defunct NBCSN cable network.

Both of the NASCAR races attracted less than 20% of its viewers in the all important 18-49 year-old bracket, continuing to indicate an aging out fan base.

Formula 1: The Mexico City F1 race won by Max Verstappen on ESPN Sunday, up against the NASCAR race and NFL games, drew a TV rating of 0.55 with 1.029 viewers tuned in, up 6.30% from a year ago on ABC when the race drew 968,000 viewers. Historically, cable channel ESPN rates lower than big brother ABC, which is an over-the-air channel, but the fact this year was higher on cable channel ESPN indicates the growth in F1 popularity. The re-air at 10 pm on ESPN2 had 71,000 viewers giving the F1 race a total of 1.1 million viewers

More importantly, 44% of the F1 viewers were in the all important 18-49 year old age bracket, which is fantastic and further underscores the strength of F1 in the USA

NHRA: The NHRA Nevada Nationals on FS1 drew 276,000 viewers, up 16.46% from 237,000 last year.  A small rating of 0.16 coupled with only 12% of the viewers in the 18-49 age bracket indicates the NHRA is in real trouble.

TV Rating Data

Network Event Location Total Viewers 18-49 Viewers Ratio:
18-49 Yr Old/
Total Viewers
2022 Rating 2021 Rating Rating % Chg. 2021 Network 2021 Viewers 2021 18-49 Viewers Viewers % Chg
NBC NASCAR Cup L Martinsville 2,541,000 477,000 19% 1.52 1.61 -5.59% NBC 2,627,000 492,000 -3.27%
NBC NASCAR Xfinity L Martinsville 1,510,000 305,000 20% 0.97 0.51 90.20% NBCSN 863,000 173,000 74.97%
ESPN F1 Mexico City GP L Mexico City 1,029,000 451,000 44% 0.55 0.59 -6.78% ABC 968,000 309,000 6.30%
FS1 NHRA Nevada Nationals Las Vegas 276,000 32,000 12% 0.16 0.13 23.08% FS1 237,000 25,000 16.46%


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