F1: Why the USA could easily support four F1 races

–by Mark Cipolloni–

As the overlay map of the USA over Europe above shows, from a landmass standpoint, the USA can support as many races as Europe does.

The United States (3,794,080 sq mi) is larger than the European Union (1,634,472 sq mi).

However, that would be stretching it, but certainly four is quite reasonable, hence why F1 is considering a 4th USA race if the right location can be found.

From a population standpoint the USA is close to Europe, 330 million vs. 447 million.

Economically, the United States in 2020 had a GDP (PPP) of 21,440 trillion dollars ($67,426 per person), while the EU had a GDP of 20,366 trillion dollars ($45,541 per person).  Certainly, Americans can afford a 4th F1 race.

F1 has already turned down the NY City Mayor’s request for a race on Randall’s Island – it is a dumpy site and would not show well on TV.

In fact, the entire NE USA is not really in love with motorsports enough to support the high ticket prices an F1 race demands. It would be an almost certain failure.

Miami has the Southeast coast covered.

COTA has Southern USA covered

Las Vegas is a unique beast in itself – a glitz and gambling mecca that will draw fans from all over the world to a night race.

Weather wise, a return of F1 to California in April would be perfect.  The large LA market comes to mind – great weather and millions of car-loving race fans.

We shall see where F1 decides to locate its 4th USA race.

Mark Cipolloni (aka Mark C.) reporting for AutoRacing1.com


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